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It does not matter wetehhr one starts Mass with an sung asperges me, a sign of the cross and a quiet judica me, a guitar-led Build a New Church , or even Blessed is the kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages ( of the Byzantine Liturgy). We have Mass. Let's stop trying to engineer the Mass to our vision of a particular era of Christian worship and life. Let's stop trying to force a theoretical idealization of Mass on others, as if personal and particular customs do no satisfy a reification of a corporate worship that never truly existed in Christian history. Let's just be as we are, worshiping in our own particular ways, so long as those ways are orthodox and approved by the Holy See. I'm all behind those who want an indult or even a Summorum Pontificum-like motu proprio that would permit celebration of the Sacramentary. The re-introduction of the Sacramentary as an alternative to the new Roman Missal is just another step away from engineered liturgy towards a true ritual organicity.The fourth wave of the liturgical movement is to not move, but simply live according to custom and worthy praise.

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