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i think you're rather arrogant. it's evident in the way you have written about john vianney, priests, bishops. i dont find any charity in your words.


Jon, that is probably because you did not read them with charity. There is no arrogance in honesty.

Tony Kaiser

I almost stopped reading after the first paragraph. If you find Oscar Romero more inspirational than the Cure of Ars, I have to question your Theology immediately. That and your insistence on using an old greek word "presbyter" instead of the English word "priest." And you have issues with the "Latin" Mass (EF)?

I do agree with you on point three, insofar as how we handle accused priests, but unfortunately, the safety of children will always take first priority in this day and age.

We don't HAVE a shortage of vocations. So many good vocations are run out of the seminary because, by GOD, they're too orthodox. Heaven forbid we ordain MEN who are unashamed of their Catholic faith.

As for the return of clericalism, well, what I've seen in US contemporary Catholicism is that we traded the clericalism of clerics for the clericalism of certain laity who "know better." Same difference. At least with clericalism of clerics, there was some sense of real authority.

As for all the fallen-away Catholics, give them proper liturgy (Say the black, do the red) with proper sacred music, and not this Protestant Haug-and-Haas tripe, and you might at least stem the tide. Not to mention get more good men entering seminaries, once they are inspired by the Mystical Body of Christ in good liturgy.

You SAY the new bishops are just puppets of the Vatican. The reality is the new bishops are showing their visible signs of UNITY with Rome, the Mother Church. It's really that simple. It's not about falling lockstep in line with Rome. It's about being UNITED in ONE FAITH. The Church must speak with ONE VOICE, something it's failed to do for over forty years.

As per Msgr. Schaedel, V.G. Archdiocese of Indianapolis, my pastor: Of one thing I am convinced; of one thing I am certain: Providence never fails!

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