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You need to broaden the scope of your reading material. The fact that the proposal was published in America says it all. I haven't heard a single cogent argument in favor of this proposal, and yours also boils down to, "But it ain't what we've been doing the last 40 years!" What's been going on the last 40 years makes the new translation necessary.

Tony Kaiser

This would never have been an issue if the ICEL translation had been done properly in the early 70s. (about when I was born) We already HAD a good translation of, for example, the Creed, right in the 1962 Missal. Of course, you, Father, despise the 1962 Missal, so I suppose what I'm saying would fall on deaf ears.

I will pray for you.


With respect, Father, no. We've waited long enough.

David Gersten


Are you really claiming that you would be deprived of the conscious participation if the new translation is imposed? This doesn't even pass a laugh test. That is like saying it is impossible to learn a new word. We might as well never introduce children to the Mass because, for a time, they will not fully comprehend it. No Father, you will not be deprived of conscious participation but you will have to check any pride you might have. All of us will for those portions we are not completely comfortable with.


I think we have waited long enough.


Some eyes and ears may bleed when you read this. It was about time! Thank you Pope Benedict!

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