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Frank H

It is bizarre that writers of this persuasion always present those who have concerns about outward signs of reverence as not having other concerns such as love of neighbor. I thought we were a church of "both/and" not "either/or".

Tony Kaiser

What Frank H said. Are we Catholics or Protestants? This whole article forgets the overarching axiom of proper worship: "lex orandi, lex credendi" (the law of prayer is the law of belief). In other words, as you pray so you will believe. As you believe, so you will act. If I believe in the real Christ of the Bible as the Church teaches, I will first worship Him properly, and as a RESULT, do His will, which is to be my Brother's Keeper. Father, you have the CART (men) before the HORSE (worship). Sure, you have to have both, but if you get them mis-ordered, you just tear up the cart, and aggravate the horse.

We should be socializing AFTER Mass, not during. Besides, the "Grip and Grin of Peace" is a post-Vatican II innovation that wrecks the whole tone of the Mass; neither it, nor "versus populum" orientation have any real history in either the Eastern or Western Churches.

Even where the altar was freestanding, like in St. Peter's Basilica, during the consecration, the people would face to the East (which was the direction the priest was already facing) to offer the Holy Sacrifice. Are we worshipping God together, or having a discussion about Him? "Ad Orientem" eliminates that question.

Moving the tabernacle out of the sanctuary was one of the biggest mistakes since the council; it may have been sanctioned by Rome, but that's been honored more in the breach (hiding the tabernacle) than in adherence. I was in a wreckovated parish church in Grand Haven, MI last Sunday, and had to ask why Father was standing there looking at the left sacristy door after communion. My sister explained he was watching (an EMHC?) place the remaining hosts in the tabernacle (which HE should have been doing, because it's HIS duty.)


Good post, Father. Thanks for reminding us that Christ calls us in the Eucharist to compassion and for all of God's children, our brothers and sisters inside and outside the church. Receiving the Eucharist with anything less than a willingness to try our hardest to love generously, and reject the culture of death, is to reject a good deal of what the Eucharist embodies -- God's love for human beings, especially the most broken among us.

David Gersten

Father, this is really a forest for the trees moment for you. How sad that you write this without once properly explaining what the Eucharist is. The Eucharist is the True Body of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You say it is supposed to make us more deeply united to that person next to us. That is fine and good but the Eucharist is primarily supposed to make us more deeply united to Christ. Focusing on our neighbors at the moments when we are receiving Our Lord makes us less worthy of the grace we receive in this Holy Sacrament. I spend plenty of time after Mass with my neighbors and participate in lots of charity work. My career is in service as well. So why can’t I have just those few minutes each day and especially on Sunday to show reverence without being called out by you and others for not acting neighborly.

You make many underhanded slights at those who believe that the Eucharist is due the reverence you besmirch. The worst is your canard that those who show such reverence are not the ones who do good works. In my experience, the opposite is true. It is those who believe the Eucharist is the Body of Christ and give and show reverence that are rewarded with the graces to do more for Christ in corporal and spiritual works of mercy.


Thoughts about reverence for the Eucharist from a priest who has so little respect for Christ's body that he spells it lower case....

Given your education, one can reasonably conclude it was not by mistake.

You are a very sick priest, father.

[P.S. - lower case not by mistake]

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