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Thank you for these beautiful thoughts. I have no doubt the RAD TRADS will see your reference to the "table of the Word" as a subliminal suggestion of returning to a eucharist celebrated on a Protestant communion table liberal Catholics seem to have a preference for, and start to call you a heretic.


I definitely can retlaed to feeling frustrated and confused by bold and inhospitable statements of the Church. I'm deeply moved to hear that you were able to celebrate this Easter in common with this fellowship, though. My thoughts are not fully formed on the matter, but I've recently been marveling and grieving at how truly scarred and unloving the story of Christianity has been (and is, as we see, still) and yet how truly devoted to owning this story as our own we each are to our respective faith traditions. All the more, I find myself embracing again, despite those very glaring fallibilities and egregious errors my Brethren roots. I still hold many of our conversations together as the encouragement to continue forth in that journey. Thank you for being honest and true to yourself and your journey. May you continue to wrestle it out.


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