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Jordan You are neither igaonrnt, nor uneducated. And the women and men who, in 1960, prayed the rosary during Mass were not either. They were originally mentioned here because they were obedient, faithful, and silent and the original topic, I thought, was regarding the silent acquiescence on the part of our pastoral leaders when they have deep misgivings regarding the translation and the effect on the people in the pews. Your sensitivity to and knowledge of the teachings of the church in regard to full and active participation is clearly reflected in your concern for others at Mass with you.Tim, shamelessly, continues to ignore many of the words and, surely, the intent of the writers here in order to persistently promote his own agenda. In charity, I believe he does so because he wishes to teach and, to his credit, he speaks well and forcefully. But he does not listen. Perhaps, he does not have ears to hear. A shame, for there is much wisdom to be found here.When you say, e2809cIt is often better to simply be present and be silent.e2809d, you articulate the position of loving and being so loved that all words fall short to describe the relationship. Thank you for reminding me.But what a worlde28099s difference from being silent because one is intimidated against speaking honestly or because the words you are allowed do not reflect or ring true. Please continue to pray as the Spirit leads you. May you always feel your hand being held by our Mother. I will keep that image with me when I am tempted to chuckle or groan aloud at awkward words and phrases spoken at Mass in November.

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