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I've always loved house liturgies. They remind me of the domus ecclesiae and of Senator Pudens in 2nd century Rome. A must visit if you are there and want to see perhaps the oldest preserved house church (Santa Pudenziana) in the Roman Church.

Some families today use the dining room, as Senator Pudens used his triclinium, for the eucharist.
The dining table can be decorated appropriately (no altar cards please and no need to buy a fiddleback chasuable for the visiting priest) and icons on the walls are not unusual in many pious Catholic households today.

I've been to a few and they possess a more prayerful atmosphere than a lot of churches I've been in, traditional and novus ordo style.


In terms of the CNN's report on the study of why Catholics leave the Church, it would seem to me as I rbememer my sociology studies that these same questions have to be applied to other Christians to get a more accurate understanding of our age. In other words there must be context. Episcopalians and other liberal Protestant denominations are possibly facing extinction as they lose more and more members each year and each of them is quite liberal on all the issues in the CNN report and each of them too has sex abuse issues although CNN and other liberal news outlets could care less about that since the other aspects of liberal Protestantism fit in so neatly with the mindset of secular liberalism espoused by these media companies.The survey suggests too that there is dissatisfaction with bishops being politically pro-active and thus this is called the politicization of the Church. And yet one comment above has a person no longer going to Church because she has no voice in the Church and no one seems to care she is missing. That sounds like more to me of the politicization of the Church when one wants to be a member in order to participate in the process of manipulating the Church for intra-political purposes. Let's face it, the biggest reason people are leaving the faith and evidently most are not joining liberal Protestant denominations, in fact more are going to conservative evangelical denominations, while perhaps the majority are not joining any organized religious group, the biggest problem is secularism and the ambivalence it creates toward religion and personal salvation. If at the heart of our participation in the Church isn't personal and communal salvation and experiencing the Saving Passion of Our Lord in The True and Perfect Sacrifice of the Mass and receiving Him worthily in The Sacred Banquet then why be Catholic? Why be Christian? Why be religious? Be secular and be ambivalent about salvation and damnation. It seems to me that people are leaving the Church over those damn sinners who create the problems that the CNN report indicates are the reasons they leave. I'm sorry that the saints who don't stay with the Church are missing out on our (us sinners who stay) salvation in the Holy Eucharist.

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