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Keep in mind that receiving Holy Communion is only REQUIRED once per year. It is a very good thing that you try to rviecee each Sunday (providing you are in the sate of grace). What kind of a statement do you think it would send if people refused to rviecee our Lord from an emhc? This has happened in several parishes where a priest has been moved and a more liberal priest installed.The more liberal instituted EMHC almost immediatly. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE rvieceed communion from them. It had to be extremely awkward for two people to stand there in a packed Church and be left standing ALL alone. You would THINK that would send a message to father. What happened? Father sat out distributing communion completly the next Sunday. Half of the congregation did not rviecee.I have not attended that parish in almost a decade now. Many times the Priests sitting it out have a social plan for the laity. Just keep in mind that if you are worried about profanition at all, then do not rviecee. Make a spiritual act of communion. Our Lord is not FORCING you go to communion.

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