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Thank you for sharing this homily! God has indeed answered our prayers for more to respond to the priesthood, and the priest shortage is His way of trying to wake us up! There are hundreds if not thousands of holy, honorable, wise men who have been called to be priests (I believe I'm one). The impediment? They have received the Sacrament of Matrimony! Celibacy is a great gift for priesthood for one authentically gifted to that call to holiness. Marriage is also a sacrificial, covenantal, agape call to holiness that can be a radical witness to our secular world! We are really missing the boat on this one!

Father John N.

As a brother priest, I urge you to remember that you are bound under oath to the profession of faith which you have made.

Canon 720 § 2. Furthermore, each and everything set forth definitively by the Magisterium of the Church regarding teaching on faith and morals must be firmly accepted and held; namely, those things required for the holy keeping and faithful exposition of the deposit of faith; therefore, anyone who rejects propositions which are to be held definitively sets himself against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Canon 1371 – The following are to be punished with a just penalty:

1° a person who, apart from the case mentioned in canon 1364 § 1, teaches a doctrine condemned by the Roman Pontiff, or by an Ecumenical Council, or obstinately rejects the teachings mentioned in canon 750 § 2 or in canon 752 and, when warned by the Apostolic See or by the Ordinary, does not retract;


Another key contribution to the priest shortage in my experience is the expectation that priests be administrators, counselors, and numerous other jobs in addition to their key role as liturgical presiders/sacramental ministers. If the church would let/encourage lay people to take on the roles for which ordination is not necessary, priests would not burn out and leave because they are expected to do too many jobs.


I was amused that you wdnoered what on earth to say to the Pope. I understand that he is unused to discussing anything; it is not the style of a pope. I gather that you just listen to pontifications and dogma, but maybe I am being uncharitable for Benedict came across as a warm and human man, unlike his portrayal by the RC Church and the Vatican. I asked a well-known RC friend why he just accepted all the dogma. He replied that he was a busy man and it suited him to just accept the RC religion as a package, without having to question it or debate it. Other RC friends of mine in Glasgow I find, do want to listen to other viewpoints but are loathe to debate even say the Liturgy.

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