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Trina Bottos

Among the many priests I know I have not met one who is enthusiastic about the new English translation of the Roman Liturgy. Why is it so important that all English speakers use the same translation, a translation that is supposedly more faithful to the Latin the Roman Church used before the second Vatican Council? Wasn't the Latin itself a translation of the Greek? With all the serious situations our Church is dealing with to have time, energy and financial resources put into making sure we all say "and with your spirit" instead of "and also with you","through my fault. through my fault, through my most grievous fault" etc. and reprinting all those liturgical books and rewording all those sung Glorias seem just one more instance where the institutional church "just doesn't get it." An article I read in a Canadian Catholic paper quoted one of the involved Bishops saying that people will rejoice in these changes. No, they won't- they'll be puzzled, confused,angry even. What would happen if a particular episcopal conference of an English speaking country chose not to implement these changes? Would the pope fire all those bishops or would he trust that they were competent to make decisions that fit their particular situation?
As someone involved with our Parish's Liturgy committee I honestly don't know if I can work with any heart to implement these changes.

Matt +

Well, Trina, the same objections could have been leveled at ICEL 40 years ago. Yet here we are in 2010, and the Church is still here.

The new translations are not perfect, but they are an improvement. And no, the Latin of the Novus Ordo is not a translation of the Greek, and neither was the Latin of the Tridentine Mass.


    You be the judge...

Latin original:

"accipens et hunc praeclarum calicem in sanctas ac venerabiles manus suas"

Old ICEL translation:

"he took the cup"


"he took this precious chalice in his holy and venerable hands"

The liberals had/have an agenda...  They didn't/don't like what the Latin really says.

Since most Catholics don't understand Latin, they take what they hear from the majority of priests - who are liberal - as fact.  But they are being manipulated, if not just lied to...

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