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:How much is “the modern world” dennadimg the Church to adjust?I do not think there is any power or group we can identify as the modern world which has any standing to ask anything of the RCC. It is the members of the church who live in the modern world who are frustrated by the avoidance by their hierarchs of how the world has changed, that there is a modern world.There has been an historically recent increase in human life span. There has been an explosion of literacy and more recently of higher education. There has been a wide diffusion of democracy and of democratic ideals even where it is not the way of governance. There have been advances in science which upset the Aristotelian teachings accepted by Aquinas regarding the origins of life and the differences between males and females. Catholics live with these realities and have every right to expect that their institutions should also.For the Curia and hierarchy to carry on in their medieval costumes more often than in an occasional re-creation makes them ludicrous. To carry out scholarly tasks in secret through the exercise of power after peer reviewed scholarly efforts have been approved is to be oblivious to reasonable expectations for expertise, honesty, and transparency.For popes to select their advisers for contraception and clerical celibacy and then dismiss them for not producing the desired result shows, beyond a lack of humility, a failure to understand what expectations they set up and to revert to royal prerogatives to dismiss those out

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