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i am new to here,i glad to see you all!!!


Anthony, I'm not sure whether to begin with tnakhs and praise or congratulations!I appreciate, first of all, the fact that you care enough about the liturgy and the institutional church to have to struggle over this. Your honesty and commitment to living the truth is a great witness to all of us, and helps us feel sane even when we are pushed to make insane choices so that we can eat. It is difficult to know, sometimes, what choice is the best to make in all this. Your words here, your listening, and your example have been very helpful as I have charted my own path. I have chosen, whenever I talk about the new missal, to be bluntly honest about it: some of the final product is good, some of it bad, most of it a choice among equally valid possibilities; the process which is supposed to govern translations is good, but there remains in the hierarchy a codependent and often abusive tendency to engage in boundary-violating control tactics, which tendency the hierarchy shares with the vast majority of human beings; if we approach liturgy with the sole purpose worshiping the all-holy and life-giving Trinity, we can move beyond the imperfections of the coming translation just as we did the imperfections we didn't know about for the last forty years. I have found that once I acknowledge the defects of the translation, as well as those of the people and dysfunctional processes that begat it, people look relieved that I don't expect them to maintain a happy-happy' pretense about it. This makes it easier for them to accept what good may come of this admittedly imperfect moment in our history, and to continue to pray for the ongoing conversion of our whole church, including especially our hierarchy. May we all, each and every one, grow to embrace more fully our call to be disciples of Jesus. Standing up for truth is an essential part of this discipleship. Thanks so much for your witness to this!20ea


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