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Deacon Bob,This story brought tears to my eyes as I rrmembeeed the baptism of my two oldest sons. They were not baptized as infants. I had gone through a time of searching, and had lost my faith. Two sons were born to me during that time, and it was not until they were 1 and 2 years old that they were baptized. When I read this post, I wondered if these parents, too, were going through the same struggles that I was going through when my oldest sons were baptized. It was a long road, coming home to the Catholic Church. Although it is my spiritual home now, it wasn't such a long time ago that I felt otherwise. The priest who baptized my older children never hassled me about my apostasy he welcomed my children into the church, and that act of loving kindness was one of the key things that helped me return to the Church. Thank you, Deacon Bob. You welcomed more than one soul into the chruch, I suspect, on that baptismal day.

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